Spring 2023 HVAC checklist

Spring HVAC Checklist

As we prepare to say goodbye to the bitter frost and cold and welcome the warmer weather, we look forward to many of the great benefits of the spring season. Although many of us are eagerly anticipating the changing season, it does not come without its own issues to tend to. Our team at Air Pure Inc wanted to help offer a helpful checklist to work through to prepare your home or business for a few items that can make a world of difference to your HVAC set up as you enter this spring season. Spring brings its own unique challenges with added heat, dust, dirt, and allergies compared to the winter. This checklist can help ensure that you are ready for the challenge ahead for maintaining strong air quality and keeping your energy costs low.

Replacing your Air Filters

Maintaining and replacing your air filters regularly is perhaps the largest payoff in terms of benefit in comparison to the effort. An air filter is inexpensive and easy to replace. They can be purchased from any home improvement store, be sure to check the size of the filter though. Air filters trap airborne particles and greatly improves the air quality around you. A build up of particles can also cause your system to overwork, increasing energy usage.

Utilize an Air Purifier

All year round, indoor air quality is an important thing to consider. Whether you work from home or not, people will spend more time within their home than any other place. In fact, indoor air quality (IAQ) is so important, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes and produces studies about how to best improve and protect your IAQ. Installing an air purifier can be a complete game change and can instantly transform your indoor air quality. It can help eliminate dust, mold, bacteria, and other microbes from the air. This is especially beneficial for any people with respiratory issues.

Benefit from a Smart Thermostat

If you do not currently have a smart thermostat, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to add one to your home. Smart thermostats are designed to learn your temperature preferences and adjust accordingly- this means more savings when it comes to energy usage by learning patterns when you are away or asleep. You trust your smart devices to work quickly and accurately and your thermostat can do the same.

HVAC Maintenance Spring Air Pure Inc

The best time to prepare for the spring season is always before it arrives. And as that season is nearly here, Air Pure Inc is excited to announce our spring maintenance program. New season means new dust, new allergies, and new changes to the air quality around us. Enlisting the help of certified and experienced professionals like Air Pure Inc can make all the difference. If you want to increase your air quality, improve respiratory symptoms, and save money our team has you covered.

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