HVAC Winter Prep Guide

HVAC Winter Maintenance

One of the most important things any homeowner can do at this time of year is to prepare for the winter. Regardless of how ready or unready we may feel about it, the seasons will change despite our protest. With more cold weather, snow, hail, and a whole lot more on the horizon, the best time to prepare your home or business for the winter season is right now. By testing and preparing now, you’ll be able to fix any issues that come up before it is too late. Follow along with this useful and easy to use guide by our team at Air Pure Inc for all your winter HVAC needs this season.

Air Condenser Care

One of the best things you can do to improve the condition of your HVAC set up is to take care of the outdoor portion. This is important for a few reasons. The primary reason being that since it is outside, it is exposed to all of the harshness of the seasons. It can quickly erode and degrade your system. Debris such as leaves, grass, sticks, lawn trimmings, and more can get within the unit itself and create problems and complications. The debris can get sucked into the system and can slowly cause problems. For best practices, clean out any debris and clear the area around your condenser unit and leave two feet of space on each space. One other part to consider when it comes to winterizing your condenser is that using a cover for it during inclement weather is beneficial, but that cover needs to be removed and dried afterwards. If a wet cover is left it can attract pests and will likely grow mold that will be absorbed into the airways of your home.

How to Replace Air Filters

If you have not done so, take this as your sign to go out and replace the air filters in your home. Filters are inexpensive and quickly replaced. Filters are located next to the air handler. Replacing these indoor filters is a regular part of HVAC maintenance regardless of the season. These filters should be replaced every month or two, especially if there are pets in the home or if someone has allergies, asthma, or other illnesses that can be linked to air quality. Air Filters collect random airborne particles such as dust, dirt, debris, dander, and other particulates that circulate about the air. However, over time, these filters become so encumbered that the clean air will struggle to circulate and cause your HVAC system to act less efficiently. This can spike your costs each month from energy usage as well as potentially create future costly problems. 

Test your HVAC Safety Equipment

The purpose of having a quality HVAC set up around your home is not only comfort, in many ways it also has to do with safety. Your HVAC system is a tightly connected set-up with varying levels of complexity. If not carefully monitored, some of the safety features can unknowingly run ineffective that can put you and your loved ones in a precarious situation. It would be a good time to test out various safety measures like your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detectors. These quick and easy tests can give you assurance that your setup is ready for the long haul of this winter season.

Home Maintenance by Air Pure Inc

With winter quickly approaching, our Air Pure Inc team wanted to give some helpful tips and reminders to help out you and yours. These easy to apply maintenance tips are a great way to stay safe, save some money, and stay warm during the cold season. If you are looking for additional services, our team is quick to respond. Our technicians are always fully prepared and fully capable of any job no matter the complexity. Give us a call at 724-274-5501.

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