HVAC Fall Prep Guide

HVAC Fall Prep Guide Tips

As the high temperatures begin to dip, and the nature around us starts to transfer, the baton from summer to fall has passed. As fall takes its place and we wave goodbye to the summer, we look ahead to all of the things we enjoy about the new season as well as what we need to do in order to be best prepared for the cooler weather. When the seasons change, it is also useful to change your approach to your HVAC system in your home or business. Today we wanted to point out some helpful tips and practices anyone could implement in order to save money and efficiency with their HVAC set up. Our family owned and operated business has been helping your family for over three generations and we can help you this fall with your HVAC maintenance and service needs.

Change Air Filter
One of the fastest and most cost effective ways to improve your HVAC output and efficiency is to change out your air filter regularly. Air filters are typically situated right next to your HVAC unit and provide a near essential function by filtering airborne particulates that can worsen illness, allergies, and other respiratory problems. It is especially useful at removing smoke (even for non-smokers this is relevant) as well as pet dander. All of these tiny microscopic particles are trapped by the filter and are removed from the circulated air that goes throughout your living space. However, over a period of time, that filter will become clogged and congested and will begin to restrict the free flow of air. As a result, the HVAC unit will overcompensate and overwork itself. A new air filter is inexpensive and easy to install.

Whether you can sense it or not, but you likely have some air leaks in your home that can be very difficult to detect. Air sealing your home can be an effective tool to increase efficiency. The department of energy suggests inspecting the different areas of your home for leaks. These locations includes: electrical outlets, switch plates, door and window frames, electrical and gas entrances, baseboards, weather stripping around doors, fireplace dampeners, attic hatches, wall/ window mounted air conditioners, cable tv and phone lines, where dryer vents pass through walls, and vents and fans. Sealing your air leaks will help maintain temperatures and the increased efficiency will result in less energy used and money saved.

Caring for and protecting your AC condenser is one of the easiest and most important things you can do to prepare yourself for the fall. Your AC condenser can be considered the “heart” of your AC system. It can be found outside of the home, typically in the backyard or on the roof. It is contained in the large rectangular box along with many other important mechanical components. The condenser is very tough and durable, but during this season it can be a great time to clean this out. Leaves, twigs, and other kinds of debris can easily be flung up and become stuck in the condenser which can create problems. In some instances, it can even attract rodents and other nestling animals. Any kind of obstruction in the condenser can create problems. 

For many people fall is the most anticipated time of the year. Whether they’re eager for the upcoming holidays or the change of scenery it is an exciting time. Every time there is a new season, it is helpful to step back and perform some maintenance on your home or business. Air Pure Inc offers extensive and comprehensive HVAC maintenance services for whatever your home or business needs to make sure you are prepared for any season.

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