Getting your home ready for Summer

Getting Your Home Ready for the Summer

During the peak summer days, no one should be faced with a choice between savings and comfort. But when the temperatures soar up, it seems like the cost to keep your home at a reasonable level might require a bank loan to cover your monthly energy cost. Fortunately for those in Pittsburgh and beyond, Air Pure Inc offers homes and businesses comprehensive AC services at a price they’ll love. The best way to prepare your air conditioning system for the summer is to get it serviced as soon as you can, not when it has already broken.

Air conditioning maintenance can be the difference between a small emerging problem versus a full blown HVAC emergency. For an untrained eye, AC problems can be difficult to spot. Especially when it has been resting for months after a long cold winter. And while your HVAC system shouldn’t be cycling between problems every weather season, it can be easy to lose sight of it over the months. Air conditioning maintenance saves money over time by detecting budding problems before they become costly repairs. Alternatively, HVAC maintenance can give you confidence that your system 

Regardless of the care and effort we put into them- given enough time every HVAC system will run into snags and problems. While not every system is made equal, most of them will last on average 15-20 years depending on the make and the level of care it receives over its lifespan. This is not to say that as soon as your air conditioner celebrates its 20th birthday you need to kick it to the curb, rather being aware of the likely lifespan of your air conditioner can help you make good informed decisions regarding making new installations and replacements. Let’s say that you have an 18 year old system that is starting to sputter and stall a bit. It might make more sense to replace with a new system and find a trusted HVAC company to come out and install it for you instead of spending money on repairs for a device that is likely on its last legs. 

Identifying the signs in your HVAC system that it will soon need serviced can be a major benefit to you as the owner. Cognizance of impending AC troubles allows you to identify and address problems while they are still easily managed. Some of the biggest indicators that something might soon be wrong with your air conditioner are: “weird noises,” water pooling undeath, and performance issues. It can be difficult to clarify what is and what is not a “weird noise,” but trust your gut and if the noise is persistent then something might be wrong. Performance issues should be an obvious one, but sometimes a setting can be inadvertently changed so be sure to investigate other causes for performance problems. Finally, water pooling underneath your air conditioner is a common issue for a clogged line or a broken condenser. 

Every HVAC system will have brakes, malfunctions, and issues no matter how well maintained and cared for it is. But there are many strategies and practices that can help limit and mitigate those problems. One of the best tools any home or business owners can utilize is having a trusted and reliable HVAC service company like Air Pure Inc. Our comprehensive service guarantees any job we do for you is done quickly and correctly at a rate you’ll appreciate. Give us a call at 724-247-5501 to ask any questions or set up an appointment.

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