How to find the right HVAC service for you

How to Find the Right HVAC Service For You

When the weather gets extreme and something goes wrong with your HVAC set up, it can be really easy to get overwhelmed and stressed trying to find a service that can help you. Between finding someone who can come in at a convenient time, get the job done right, and not spend a fortune on repairs. Your HVAC system is a complicated and expensive piece of technology, you can’t call just anyone to enter your home to work on it. With the number of different options you have, it can be easy to get lost in your decision. Our Air Pure Inc team wanted to help you out by providing a few tips and resources for you to think about as you choose the right HVAC service company for your Pittsburgh home or business.

One of the easiest and most effective methods to find the right HVAC service company for you is to ask around with those you trust the most. Your family, friends, and even your coworkers can be some of the best reviews you see when you are looking for some help with your HVAC problems. Talking to people you trust and hearing their experience is a great way to get an unfiltered look at what a specific company will offer and charge. Even if these people have a negative experience, that eliminates one contender from the long list of different companies you could choose to hire. One other thing to consider is that if you live in an area with a Homeowners Association (HOA) then they might have a preferred company that could offer you a discounted rate that should be an affordable option. 

If you are still unsure after asking the people you trust for a recommendation, it might be time to start talking to a few companies and try and see which one will be best to take care of your issue. Asking a few questions either over a phone call or through an email conversation will help you get a sense of not just their ability to resolve your problem, but also how the experience with them would potentially play out. These conversations may not be too telling of who can or cannot handle the problem you have found yourself in, but it can tell you something very important. If the person or people you are conversing with are rude and condescending, working with their field team will likely be the same. Although rare, accidents and mistakes do happen, so be sure to ask about their license, bonds, and insurances on the front end to give yourself an extra boost of confidence before you invite people to work on your expensive HVAC set up. Finally, a good thing to ask about is a cost and time estimate. An estimate is not a final cost, but it's probably the best way to shop around based on price is explaining the project and asking. Timeliness may also be an important factor for you, so be sure to ask about how long they would estimate the task to be completed. 

In addition to the reviews and conversation, one of your best resources for your HVAC help journey is to look at google reviews. Google reviews are a great way to sift through the many different HVAC companies in your area. Outside of obvious foul play, google will not disallow negative reviews of a company. That means, the business has no way to stop reports of poor customer experiences and makes these reviews a very trustworthy way to hear people’s experiences. 

Finding good help does not have to be a difficult thing. For those in need of HVAC services in the greater Pittsburgh area, Air Pure Inc has been a stable help for homes and businesses with our family run operation for three generations. Our team has prided itself on our friendly service, affordable rates, and getting the job done effectively. If you are looking for AC help this summer, consider the Air Pure Inc team. 

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