Common AC myths

Common AC Myths

Seems like everyone and their mother has an ingenious way to get the most out of their AC or cooling system to fight back against the summer heat. No disrespect to your cousin’s friend’s hamster’s coworker, but we know there are a lot of prevalent myths out there regarding this topic that we want to help dispel. On top of that, we want to offer an alternative of things to do instead so you walk away with something you can do differently to keep yourself cool more efficiently. 

Myth #1: Closing vents is an effective way to cool a room

On the surface- this advice seems logical and solid. The idea would be to sort of channel air from going from one room to another without increasing the AC power. Because some vents are closed, all of the cool air is channeled into the designated location. This seems like good practical advice, but there is a problem with it. Your AC system is a complex machine, but it isn't all-knowing. As a result, it relies heavily upon reading the air pressure throughout ducts and in each room. By closing certain vents, that balance is thrown off and could lead to over exertion which will increase costs. If you are finding yourself needing to cool a specific area in your home frequently, consider the addition of a portable air conditioner or upgrading the fan in the room. In addition, there could be an issue with the insulation in that room that allows cool air to escape. In instances of poor insulation, it is best to get an inspection from a certified HVAC service company.

Myth #2: You can save money by turning off your AC

If the air conditioner isn’t running, then surely you’ll save money by not having to power it up. Once again, this is a popular and sensible myth that isn’t quite accurate. For some people, they'll turn their air conditioner off when they leave for the day and power it back on for their return. However, over a short period of time, the energy to turn the air conditioner on well outweighs the energy to just keep it running while no one is around. Even for an extended leave like a vacation, turning off the air conditioner can pose certain problems. Stagnated air can lead to a build up of moisture in the ducts and throughout the system which can allow mold to grow that may also attract pests. Instead of turning the air conditioner off, most people in most situations will save money by running the AC on a more economical setting and running on a higher temperature. 

Myth #3: A bigger AC is a better AC

Bigger is not always better. This is especially true of your air conditioner. But what exactly is the problem with an AC that is too large? Your AC is smart but not that smart. The compressor, which is functionally the brain of the air conditioner, does not read the space of the room well. Air conditioners blast cool air rather than gradually cooling it. The rapid temperature changes will cause the compressor to start and turn off in rapid succession and “short cycle” the system. Schedule an appointment with a trusted HVAC service company to help you pick out the right system for your home or business. 

Myth #4 New air conditioners are maintenance free

Although it can be costly, it is very exciting to get a new air conditioner. Even though you can expect fewer problems, it is important to practice good maintenance with your new system. Even new air conditioners need a new filter regularly. The best way to take care of your AC system no matter how old is to have dependable and reliable HVAC help when you need it. Air Pure Inc has been helping families and businesses throughout the Pittsburgh area and beyond for over fifty years. Our team comes fully prepared to get the job right the first time. 

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