Furnace Do's and Dont's

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Winter is here. As the time changes, so do our priorities. Which means it is time to start thinking about the snow, freezing pipes, the holidays, and the freezing temperatures. We hope that this time is a positive season for you all with winter cheer and time with family. But the practical side of winter time means getting your home or business to be winter proof(internal link to other article) and that starts with making sure your furnace is operating at the highest possible level. To help you out, the team at Air Pure wanted to give you a few do’s and don’ts for your furnace this winter as you prepare for the whirlwind of the wintertime. This list should give you a great head start, but always double check with your trusted HVAC professional. 

Here are some of the big Do’s to consider as you get your furnace ready for the winter!

We gave you the Do’s now we have to give you the Don’ts

As the winter continues to roll in and we get our colder weather, snow, and freezing temperatures it will serve you well to plan ahead. The last thing you’ll want is to have to call us for a major furnace breakdown when you need it rather than seek out some preventative maintenance to ensure a safe and uneventful winter without any complications. If you are looking for help getting your furnace ready for this winter, give Air Pure Inc a call. Our team has been helping Pittsburgh families and businesses for over 60 years with their HVAC needs. Questions? We are here to help. Fill out the information below or give us a call at 724-274-5501 and we will be happy to discuss furnace solutions with you.